About Mister Freedom

Mister Freedom is a retail space/design studio created by Christophe Loiron, French expatriate to California in 1990. The concept operates at the current Hollywood, CA location since 2003.

The brick building at 7161 Beverly Boulevard is filled with a huge inventory of vintage clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women from the 1850’s to the present. The Store also offers rare textiles, vintage books as well as antique props for deco. This extensive eclectic collection of vintage items is collected around the world and updated daily with new finds.


In 2006 we started a collaboration with famed Japanese manufacturers SUGAR CANE Co. (of Toyo Enterprises, since 1966), now commonly referred to as the MFSC® line. This ongoing

collaboration delivers two collections a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Based on an original script and story, playing with fictitious characters in an historical background, MFSC® is not about reproductions or trends, but creates historically plausible original clothes that never existed but could have.

Along its selection of thousands of vintage items collected around the World, our Los Angeles based retail store offers a complete line of new clothing under the Mister Freedom® label. Part of our 'Made in USA' efforts, we manufacture limited editions of original items in our in-house mezzanine work space, and also produce locally with small ethically run factories. Our extensive vintage clothing/books/swatches archives is a constant source of inspiration for MF® Originals.


We combine new fabrics milled to our specs in Japan, vintage material, New Old Stock (NOS) trims, recycled military hardware... with original patterns for our creations.

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Made in the U.S.A.

The 3200 sq ft ground floor retail space is merchandised by concept ‘islands’, including:

* Depression era work-wear
* Tropical colonial
* Outdoor plaids and canvas
* Naval, Marine, Yatching
* Select Military New Old Stock (NOS) surplus

* Army field outfits

* Early explorers goods

* In house custom silk-screened or stenciled graphics on vintage T-shirts and sweatshirts
* Canvas, denim, ticking Bags
* Customized vintage clothing
* Original Belts

* Limited edition runs, made with NOS vintage fabrics from our archives
* Real indigo vat dyed garments
* One of a kind prototypes

* Madras, Beach wear, Surf
* Antique Indigo and home spun textiles
* Western wear
* Athletic corner
* French gentleman farmer
* American Sportswear
* Rockabilly threads