Chaparral Blouse

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     Because most tailors/sewers/garment suppliers had a European background in the early days of the American Frontier, and because a lot of the fabrics used were imported from the old Country, this collection combines both American and European elements.


    Stitching techniques, textiles, styles, patterns and inspiration were drawn from both Worlds, a reflection of the coexistence of both cultures at the time.


    You will notice, as we unveil each item, that you don’t need to live out on the range, be called Tex and pack a six-shooter to pull of our “Men of the Frontier” garb. It was not designed for re-enacting 3:10 to Yuma, but to mix with what you feel appropriate. I personally like to mix it with stuff from previous MF® collections, such as shirting and trousers from our 1900′s “Apache” French hoodlums.

    Inspired by 1920′s~30′s vintage  jackets, styles and silhouettes, we combined elements, left the wheel as is but slapped our own hub caps on it. This jacket was born from an original sketch, many old photographs and memories.



    An original MFSC pattern, inspired by 1920′s~30′s sport type light jackets, leather A-1 type coats, early Chimayo jackets etc…

    The Chaparral comes in two very different fabric options (not two colors of the same fabric.)
    Exclusively milled for us in Japan, in limited batches, both options are inspired by rare turn of the century French work-wear textiles from our archives.
    MFSC Indigo Canvas:

    A blend of 80% linen and 20% cotton selvedge canvas, 12.5 Oz., in a “cachou“/ brown Duck color.

    Designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co under our MFSC® collaboration. Limited Edition.


    * 1920′s~30′s silhouette
    * Original A-1 type round collar (yes Sir, we like)
    * Back darting and expansion gusset, 1930′s style.
    * Horsehide leather side and cuff cinch straps (with vintage NOS French metal slide buckles) and leather pocket trimming and leather detachable chin-strap.
    * Corozo wood buttons, tonal.
    * Lightweight and un-lined with NO exposed/over-locked seams on the inside (that was some task…)
    * Flat felled seams and single needle machine construction.



    For the USA, the blouse comes in an old school cardboard box with original artwork. This sturdy box can be used for storage of small items, please re-use.



  • CARE


    Both canvas options come RAW (un-washed). Both fabrics are un-sanforized and will shrink down to the same fit after several wash/soak/dry cycles. The Indigo canvas shrinks ‘faster’ than the Duck canvas. I recommend doing an original cold soak and hung dry. See how it fits and take it from there. With rinsing/wearing, the fabrics will shrink/stretch back and forth for a while and settle eventually.


    I am usually a Medium (38 ) in MFSC jackets, and wear a Medium (38). It has just been rinsed and hung dry once. A few months of washing/drying for it to fully shrink and stabilize.


    DO NOT BOIL: those canvas blouses, as the leather would NOT like it. The leather can take a full heat drying cycle for several minutes though (check to see what’s happening once in a while.) Refrain from using soap also, unless you HAVE spent the summer on horseback up the Chisholm trail. This will guarantee an amazing fade and patina overtime.








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