Charro Bib Shirt

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    ‘Henley’ type shirts seem to have their origin in the town of Henley-on-Thames, England, as a preferred  piece of uniform for local rowing team members.
    Fast-forwarding a bit…

    Before T-shirts were introduced (not sure about the date, I think it was a Tuesday though), button placket pull over cotton knit undershirts were a common layer of a man’s outfit in Europe, both for civilian and military use. These were used as undershirts, not intended to be worn as an outer layer. In the ‘old days’, showing your undershirt in public would have been a faux-pas, today’s equivalent to wearing your pajamas on a date, a rhinestone logo T-shirt on the street… all the way to exposing underpants label to the unfortunate ones walking behind. But I’m diverging.

    The most common henleys are usually made of a solid cotton knit jersey body, with a matching button placket (at times replaced or lined with a popeline/sateen placket.)
    The inspiration for our Charro Bib Henley was drawn from several unusual vintage 1920′s European Henley type shirts from our archives. These had the traditional jersey knit body but also a front plastron made of fancy shirting fabric, and a band collar with studs for attaching a removable collar of the same fancy fabric. They were the ‘poor man’ fancy shirt, as they required less costly fabric to manufacture (a solid cotton knit jersey being a cheaper fabric than a woven jacquard calico printed textile for example.) When wearing a waistcoat and a coat on top, the norm, no-one knew you were ‘missing’ the sleeves and most of the body…


    PATTERN: An original MFSC pattern inspired by vintage early shirting from the Americas and  European Henley.

    Deep indigo dyed 18/single cotton knit jersey body (with side seams), with an indigo dyed discharge calico printed cotton popeline.


    Designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co under our MFSC® collaboration. Limited Edition.


    * 18/single 100% cotton jersey body
    * Fancy popeline/jacquard plastron
    * Band collar
    * Three button front closure, 30′s work-wear style metal painted buttons.
    * Tonal cotton popeline shirting style cuffs.
    * Underarm gusset piece.
    * Half moon back neck reinforcement piece.
    * Original MFSC
    ® woven rayon ‘hanging loop’ style label.
    * 100% cotton tonal stitching.



    Wear a medium if you are generally a medium in Mister Freedom® MFSC® shirts.

  • CARE

    Hand wash only, cold water, gentle cycle, minimal eco-friendly detergent. Line dry.
    With the indigo dyed version, some minimal bleeding is expected and normal (bleeding will wash off eventually.)


    Available RAW/unwashed







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