Roasteader Cap - NOS Denim

* An original MF® pattern, inspired by an assortment of vintage nautical covers and 1900’s french traditional working-class hats.
* Shell: NOS 2/1 indigo selvedge denim, about 8 Oz.
* Lining: Vintage NOS glazed 100% cotton fabric, silkscreen.
* Leather trims: Cowhide headband and visor, with genuine kangaroo hide headband lining.
* Fancy old-school construction.
* Unstructured crown. (no plastic frame)
* Fully lined with NOS black glazed cotton, featuring original MF® silkscreened label.
* Cowhide leather headband.
* Unlined cowhide leather visor with indigo HBT tape piping.
* Genuine kangaroo hide headband facing, with red/white/blue bow.
* Traditional chinstrap was replaced by a riveted strap, featuring concealed denim selvedge ID.
* Made in USA.

The headband size is measured in centimeters. The headband will not stretch altogether, but the kangaroo lining will soften with wear and ‘loosen-up’ the fit a bit.

Size 58 (cm) roughly equates to a 7 ¼ hat size.
Size 60 (cm) roughly equates to a 7 ½ hat size.

Note that the crown of the Roadsteader is unstructured (no plastic frame) so that it will ‘slouch’ naturally with wear. We recommend cocking it to one side, and a bit to the back, for the old-salt vibe.

Do not attempt to wash/dry the MF® Roadsteader Cap. Professional spot-cleaning only, if needed. With normal repeat wear, this cap will start to ‘slouch’ and the denim fabric begin to drape naturally. Both the indigo denim twill and leather will acquire a natural patina overtime.

The MF® Roadsteader, a combo of old-school styles, a mixed bag of references to bygone fashions and Costume History, all blending into an irresistible piece of accoutrement for the 21st Century snappy dresser!

Drawing inspiration from vintage nautical covers and 1900’s french traditional working-class hats, our Roadsteader features hand silkscreened cotton lining, leather headband and visor and an elegant indigo denim. All of which will develop an attractive patina with wear.

The natural behavior of the lightweight denim crown is to drape and slouch with wear, making it easy cocking it to one side, and a bit to the back, for the old-salt vibe. 

This MF® hat is designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®

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