Watch Cap - Navy

* Two ply worsted 100% wool.
* Dark navy blue.
* Circular knit (no side seam).
* Four darts crown.
* US Mil-specs.
* US Gov’t surplus, manufactured in the USA.

One size fits all. 

Professional dry clean only. This is a wool item, do not machine wash or put in a heat dryer.
Hand washing with eco-friendly wool detergent is possible but might result with stretching or shrinking of the knit hat, to be done at your own risks.

For our Watch Cap, we could have gone the DIY route but decided instead to acquire stock from the fine folks manufacturing them for the US Government.

We’ve customized this standard issue a bit, adding an ID cloth label. Our ID patch can be customized according to your preferences. This label is not intended as a billboard and is ‘strategically’ positioned on the tubular knit in order to be partially concealed when the cap is worn with the double fold method.

Our caps are following contemporary US military specs and standards, and are still available today from PX.

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