Casquette La Deffe - Grey Stripe


* Cut from assorted New Old Stock vintage fabrics, available in very limited quantity.
* An original MF® pattern inspired by French single-panel 1920’s~40’s casquettes.
* Genuine kangaroo leather sweatband, veg-tan, will not stretch or rot.
* Vintage NOS black twill hat lining, featuring silkscreened original Mister Freedom® artwork.
* Decorative crown strap, secured by 1900’s french NOS glass buttons.
* Snap-up brim (vintage United Carr snap).
* Made in our fancy 7161 Beverly atelier.

The MF® Casquettes “La Deffe” are ready-to-wear and do not require any initial treatment.
We measure the headband in centimeters. If unsure, measure your head circumference with a metric cloth measuring tape to determine your hat size. Kangaroo leather will technically not stretch or shrink, but the hat crown might loosen slightly with normal wear.

Limited sizes available per fabric option.
 (~ US 7 1/8)
(~ US 7 1/4)
 (~ US 7 3/8)
 (~ US 7 1/2)
(~ US 7 5/8)
(~ US 7 3/4)

Professional cleaning only. Do not machine-wash.

Inspired by French 1920’s~40’s mens casquettes, these single-panel caps are cut from vintage New Old Stock fabrics, and constructed in the spirit of their ancestors. 

Our casquette features hand silkscreened lining, fancy 1900’s French glass buttons, leather headband and a one-piece crown. 

Historical documentation of the 1930’s Parisian underworld suggest that the casquette should be worn slouched on the side of the head, as straight was for squares. With that said, we will leave it up to you, how you wear your Casquette.

This MF® casquette is designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®.

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