Scuba Trunks - Gold Tiger Stripe Camo (COMING SOON)

Expected Delivery Date: End of April

Please email to be notified when available.


  • BR's Tiger Stripe Camo
  • Made in Japan




Not a reference to Christophe's city of birth but rather a stylistic incursion into the world of vintage UDT (Underwater Demolition Team), Frogmen and US Navy SEALs, throwing eclectic 1940s-1970s references in the MF® blender. This is us taking many liberties on period US military garb and local-made garments, with an emphasis on active, practical, and streamlined gear.
The subtle message is not about glamorizing wars, but rather about encouraging safe and healthy outdoor activities, as an alternative to video game addiction and doomscrolling.
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MFSC SS21 Frogsville

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