Shop Sticker - Gypsy Blues


Alert the media, stop the press, we got MF® stickers!

Inspired by vintage advertising stickers, the type Christophe used to collect from stores in the 1970s-80s, we give you our original Mister Freedom® SHOP STICKERS.

We did a bit of R&D to figure out what separates the men from the boys when it comes to commercial old school stickers, comparing the cheap home-printed modern Avery® paper type vs. its resilient laminated glossy ancestor still clinging to car parts and other hard surfaces after years of being exposed to the elements. We then sourced-out a USA manufacturer, and voila.

The original artwork of each MF® Shop Sticker follows the whims of our eclectic and ever-changing seasonal mfsc woven labeling or graphic packaging . We will gradually catch-up to all our previous collections, documenting a stylistic journey that started sometime around 2006 with the Naval Clothing Tailor collection.

This particular sticker takes our label graphic from the 2017 mfsc GYPSY BLUES collection.

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