TAP Lezard Jacket


* Montagnard side: “Double indigo twill”, a very dark (almost black) indigo warp and indigo weft 100% cotton denim twill, 12.4 Oz., white selvedge ID. Milled in Japan.

*Jungle side: 100% cotton HBT ‘lizard’ camouflage fabric, milled and printed in Japan.
* Inner padding: 100% polyester fiber thermal fill.
* Inspired by 1950’s Indochina War military gear and vintage outdoor garments.
* Fully reversible.
* 4 bottom expanding pockets with snap flap, with two extra chest pockets on the lizard side.
* 1950’s sukajan style reversible “TYE Tokyo” metal zipper with double pull tabs.
* 100% polyester fiber filling with minimal ‘puffiness’.
* Mil-specs wool knit cuffs, collar band and side expansion gussets.
* Square-shape quilting pattern on the indigo side.
* Olive green 100% cotton thread.
* Snap down collar lapels.
* Concealed woven Saigon Cowboy label stitched inside pocket flap.
* Fits true to size.
* Available raw (un-washed).
* Hand wash in cold water and hang dry.
* Made in Japan.

The Mister Freedom® TAP Lezard Jacket comes raw/unwashed, and will shrink to tagged size. Follow the usual recommended initial method before wearing: cold soak for 30mn, spin dry and line dry. Please refer to sizing chart to determine which size works for you.

CL's Advice: This jacket is true to size, and a Medium (38) fits like a snug Medium by mfsc standards. I wear a Medium with enough room for a sweatshirt or denim jacket underneath. This is a rather fitted jacket, depending of course on your build, proportions and choice of size.

We recommend professional cleaning in your local eco-friendly facility or hand wash in cold water with minimal eco-friendly detergent. Turn inside-out to avoid marbling of the denim fabric and un-zip before washing. Line dry only.

These fabrics will develop attractive patina overtime, according to the owner’s activities, frequency of wear and laundering choices.

Note: The double indigo twill will naturally bleed, and minimal color transfer to light color garments or furniture is to be expected. Indigo transfer will wash-off overtime.


This jacket is an original garment that blends vintage aesthetics and references to link history with contemporary wearables. The usual MF® spin was put on a 1950’s French Army Type 1 veste matelassée, an NVA black-dyed vest and vintage sportswear field gear.

The result is a hybrid jacket featuring double indigo twill on one side, and our version of the traditional camouflage lézard. This jacket is fully reversible, featuring a “TYE Tokyo” metal zipper with double-sided pull, mil-specs wool knit cuffs and collar band and side expansion wool knit gussets. 

This MF® garment is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.