Rock 'n' Roll Shirt "Rocket 88" - Mint


* Classic 1950’s casual shirt pattern with a relaxed fit.
* Fabric: 100% fine cotton poplin, milled and printed in Japan.
* “Rocket 88” edition, featuring original MF® artwork.
* ’Shark Fin’ collar.
* Corozo wood buttons, aka ivory nut.
* Double chest pockets.
* Matching front panels.
* Narrow flat-felled seams, tonal chainstitch.
* Made in Japan.

The Mister Freedom® Rock 'N' Roll Shirt comes raw/unwashed, and will shrink to tagged size. Follow the usual recommended initial method before wearing: cold soak for 30mn, spin dry and line dry. Please refer to sizing chart to determine which size works for you.

CL's Advice: This shirt is designed to have a 50’s casual shirt type silhouette. True to size, the shirt has quite a comfortable fit. If you are usually a Medium in mfsc shirts, you are a Medium in the R’n’R shirt.

Hand wash or machine wash on delicate, cold water, minimal eco-friendly detergent. Turn inside-out to avoid marbling of the fabric. Line dry only.

The Mister Freedom® “Rocket 88” Rock’n’Roll Shirt is an homage to the early days of Rock’n’Roll.

Our shirt design is inspired by an unfinished amateur oil painting. After playing a bit with it, twisting it 45rpm record cover-style, we got the graphic and color combinations to convey a bit of the American musical melting pot associated with 1950’s music.

The graphic wraps around the body and features a four-piece combo with its three background vocalists, somewhat of a typical 50’s rockin’ outfit.

The “Rocket 88” Rock’n’Roll shirt is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sun Surf and Sugar Cane Co.