Feed Cap - NOS Cone Denim


Six Panel Model: Full denim.
Fabric: NOS Cone Mills 12 Oz. denim twill, white/pink line selvedge ID, milled in USA.

* An original Mister Freedom® design inspired by vintage 1970s “trucker” hats, baseball caps, US Navy ship caps and other classic promotional headwear.
* Classic six-panel pattern.
* Structured mid crown, “Baseball cap” style classic lower profile.
* Adjustable snapback, one size fits all.
* Contrast stitching.
* Mfsc woven label on rear panel.
* Union-made in USA.

One-size-fits-all. The adjustable snapback rear plastic tab will allow most user to set the headband circumference to a comfortable fit.

The MF® FEED CAP are cut from rigid denim, but are ready to wear as-is, no pre-soak needed. The stiffness of loomstate denim is normal, and is due to the starch in the fibers. The stiffness will subside overtime with normal wear.

NOTE: Due to the difference in patterns, the Feed Cap NOS Cone Denim fits smaller than the Feed Cap Malibu Denim version.

Spot cleaning only, using a damp cloth to wipe the inner headband when necessary. Minimal detergent, thoroughly rinsing the cloth during final cleaning stages.
Immersing the FEED CAP in cold water and carefully hand-rubbing as a final rinse is OK, but do not throw in the washing machine in either regular or delicate wash cycle, as this will most-likely ruin the cap. Do not wring the cap either.

Look-up “baseball cap hat form” or “cap washer” if you can’t resist the urge of using a washing machine. Again, if the goal is to hasten patina, this is not a good idea. Just like with all denim garments and gear, extended wear is the only way to generate natural patina.

Our MF® FEED CAP is a five panel pattern, in classic 1970s “trucker hat” fashion, an obvious choice to match our FW2020 mfsc TRUCK STOP story. It features a lower profile, closer to a baseball cap, classic US Navy ship hat or “dad’s hat” vibe.

It is full denim, and will compliment your Texas tuxedo nicely. That fabric is quite special for us, as it is from a leftover roll of the NOS Cone Mills 12 Oz. selvedge denim twill we cut our original 2010 Californian Lot.54 from.

We played with thread, eyelets, and mesh colors for a 1970s denim brand promo cap vibe.

The FEED CAP feature our classic mfsc “Sportsman” woven label on the rear panel, and the crown is left blank. You can add your personal touch with a patch, buttons or pins.

The Mister Freedom® FEED CAPS five & six panel edition are designed in California and manufactured in USA in a Union-operated facility.

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