Buckaroos Waist Denim Overalls - (Sold Out)

This item is sold out and will not be restocked.

* B2: Dark indigo dyed selvedge denim, about 12+ Oz. Sanforized. Somewhat of a 1950’s feel to it
B5: Indigo dyed selvedge denim, about 11 Oz. Width shrinkage from 3 to 5%. Lighter in weight than B2, with an early work wear fabric type feel.
Pocket lining: 100% cotton NOS woven plaid twill, indigo/white (two similar types, shown in above photo gallery)
* ‘Old West’ silhouette, revisited
* Original front pocket with folding buttoned flap. Reinforcement un-marked copper riveting
* Original MFSC upper curved cinch back strap, sandwiched in the back yoke, riveted
* Wider rear belt loops, to fit your concha belt
* Metal donut crest buttons, ‘old stock’ finish
* Concealed rivets on back pockets with original “M” stitch and slightly curved opening
* Original double labeling. One printed cloth label with original artwork mounted during construction, partially superimposed by a leather patch with “MF” hot branding
* All 100% cotton color thread. We are using an original MFSC combination of 12 types of gauge/color thread per pair. Main colors are Orange/Yellow/White, non colorfast
* All cotton New Old Stock woven plaid pocket bags
* Made In USA

Both denim options come raw/unwashed and will shrink to approximately the same proportions. Both fabrics will shrink from approximately 1% to 5%, depending on the specific lot number of the milled batch. Variations are beyond our control and inherent to shuttle loom machinery inconsistency, and to the ‘risky biz’ of using (often un-labeled) NOS denim.

Hand wash or machine wash on delicate, cold water, minimal eco-friendly detergent. Turn inside-out to avoid marbling of the fabric. Line dry ONLY.

This fabric will develop attractive patina overtime, according to the owner’s activities, frequency of wear and laundering choices.

These dungarees are a departure from the average five-pocket jeans, and feature an intricate rear cinch strap pattern. This ‘buckle-back’ style is not lifted from any vintage sample, but came out of the drawing table of our Los Angeles atelier, and trial & error prototype making.

We matched our original back yoke/strap construction with a ‘western’ type front pockets pattern. The folded flap buttons up to the pocket yoke, a feature that could come in handy when horseback riding or sitting on a bouncy old truck bench seat, to prevent the content of pockets from spilling out.

The silhouette of our Buckaroos is similar to that of our Californian Blue Jeans Lot. 54 and Lot. 44, with a very slightly narrower bottom part of the leg. As always, those blue jeans are NO skinnies, as we leave that desirable look to other jeans makers.

This MF® garment is designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®, in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co.

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