Scuttler Cap - NOS Check - (Sold Out)

* An original MF® pattern inspired by vintage 1930’s newsboy eight-panel caps.
* Genuine kangaroo leather sweatband.
* NOS cotton biased tape seam piecing.
* All made in our fancy 7161 Beverly atelier.

The MF® Scuttler Cap is ready-to-wear and do not require any initial treatment.

We measure the headband in centimeters. If unsure, measure your head circumference with a metric cloth measuring tape to determine your hat size. Kangaroo leather will technically not stretch or shrink, but the hat crown might loosen slightly with normal wear.

Limited sizes available per fabric option.
 (~ US 7 1/8)
(~ US 7 1/4)
 (~ US 7 3/8)
 (~ US 7 1/2)
(~ US 7 5/8)
(~ US 7 3/4)

Professional cleaning only. Do not machine-wash.

The Scuttler Cap is an eight panel ‘newsboy’ style hat, with an original Mister Freedom® pattern. It can be worn and shaped in several fashions, straight, tilted to the side or back, un-snapped, backwards .. We will leave it up to you. 

Our cap gets its moniker from the ‘Scuttlers’ of Manchester, all victims, misfits and drop-outs left by the wayside of the Second Industrial Revolution…

This MF® cap is designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®.

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