Vintage US Navy Undershirts, Wool/Cotton


* Origin: ~1950s
* Size: 32 and 34 (see measurements below)
* Materials: 64% cotton, 36% wool blend. Fabric has quite a bit of mechanical stretch.
* Bottom hem eyelets: For EZ identification on laundry day. Every soldier’s bundle would be assigned a numbered set of safety pins and each piece would be pinned with a marked safety pin using the eyelets to easily identify and separate the wash load.

Size 32
Chest: 14.25”
Sleeve: 21”
Length: 26 5/8”

Size 34
Chest: 15”
Sleeve” 21”
Length: 26 5/8”

MF® HQ Intel → For reference, Enoch usually takes a size Small in our Stanley and Skivvy tees and he’s wearing a size 32 here.

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