Chuck Magazine Issue 2


Excerpt curtesy of Chuck Magazine:

Achilleas Ambatzidis and Finley Jacobsen present the second issue of Chuck Magazine.

Chuck is a bi-annual magazine asking artists of all kinds what it is they create. This second issue of Chuck is a long road that poses the question of why we make the things we make. It features an insanely talented group of artists and creators, from photographers or painters to fashion designers or philosophers. To be an artist is to try to see the world differently each day, and we hope each reader discovers something new in Chuck 02.

Featuring: Matt McCormick, Rowan O’Brien, Christophe Loiron, Valeria Mancera, Joji Baratelli, Holden Fuller, Avery Wicox, Curtis Eberhardt, Achilleas Ambatzidis, Finley Jacobsen.

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