We recommend you leave your Campus Jacket as-is and simply wear it. Treat it with care when necessary and use appropriate products, like Pecard, when conditioning your jacket.

A quick how-to-guide for conditioning your Campus Jacket:

1) Clean the jacket with a brush or damp cloth to get rid of any dust or dirt.

2) Once clean and dry, apply leather conditioner either by hand or with a brush.

3) Wait and let the leather soak up the conditioner.

4) Wipe or brush any excess conditioner off and let fully dry.

5) Wear your jacket. 

The Natural Veg-Tan Campus Jacket can be suntanned before, during, or after the process and throughout the lifespan of the jacket. Please be aware that almost anything applied to natural vegetable tanned leather will alter the color making it a shade darker.

We do not recommend soaking the Campus Jacket in water. It can result in shrinkage and stiffening of the leather.

Please visit our friend USMC MGySgt, John's website: www.VintageEngineerBoots.com for a step-by-step visual guide on how to care for your Campus Jacket.


For the sunshine deprived, we also offer the Campus Jacket "Sunshine" Edition, suntanned and conditioned.