"HOOPER" is an exciting new stylistic escapade for us, with visuals borrowed from the vintage world of motion picture stuntmen/stuntwomen, before CGI replaced adrenalin highs and broken bones. 
Our FW2022 mfsc “HOOPER” capsule collection blends vintage Hollywood professional stuntmen styles (yes, with an ounce of 70s macho men open collar shirts, aviators, sideburns and gold chains!), classic western wear, 1970s-80s automotive fashion (old school NASCAR garments, Wynn’s gear, 1980s “Auto Style” jackets etc), and classic vintage car/motorcycle racing promotional garments for gearheads.
Seasonal additions to our classic made-in-USA SPORTSMAN catalog have been incorporated into our action-packed HOOPER storyline. This blend of cool 60s sportswear and vintage casual suiting brings a touch of McQueen-in-Palm-Spring-Desert vibe to the mix.

View the Mister Freedom® x SugarCane Co FW2022 "HOOPER" Lookbook here for a closer look at the inspiration behind our latest capsule collection.

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