Headquarters Jacket - Embroidered

* An original mfsc pattern inspired by vintage varsity jackets and early baseball-type jackets.
* Body: Olive 36 Oz. yarn-dyed 100% wool, milled in Japan.
* Sleeves: Cognac brown genuine horsehide leather.
* Sleeve and pocket lining: HBT cotton “Duck Hunter” M1942 reversible camo aka “Frogskin”, milled in Japan.
* Featuring all-original MF® artwork and decoration.
* Genuine horsehide leather sleeves and pocket trims.
* Mil-specs wool knit cuffs and knit collar.
* Old-school arm gusset.
* Unlined body construction featuring attractive taped inside seams, with 1930’s-style narrow-width olive green cotton tape.
* Frogskin camo accents on inner sleeves and slash pocket lining.
* Made in Japan.

The Mister Freedom® Headquarters Jacket fits true to size. For those familiar with it, the sizing is that of Toyo’s Whitesville stadium jackets. Please refer to sizing chart to determine which size works for you.

CL’s Advice: I opted for a size 36 for a trim, balanced fit. The size 38 looked a bit too ‘contemporary’ on me, for my own taste.

If needed, spot cleaning only from a professional, eco-friendly dry cleaning facility. Do not attend to have the whole jacket laundered or dry-cleaned at once.

The leather sleeves and accents should be treated when needed. We recommend using a professional leather conditioner made for garments. See Care for more details. 

Call them varsity jackets, letterman jackets, award jackets, baseball jackets… or “teddy” as they are referred to in France, here is the Mister Freedom® twist on this all-American classic.

We, as often, took liberties with authenticity when designing our own letterman-style jacket, twisting the concept into more of a cool “club jacket” than a sport jock uniform per-se. There is indeed a military vibe to our “Club House” jacket, aka MF® HEADQUARTERS jacket. Probably due to the choice of the olive green yarn-dyed body, a hefty wool fabric found on vintage US Army coats, matched by 1940’s tanker jacket olive green knit cuffs and collar. 

We stayed pretty conservative with the M & F letters design, but the chainstitched leather skull on felt chest patch is quite a rare combination on vintage letterman jackets. The back of our clubhouse jacket features an irresistible MF® script all-star chainstitch job.

This MF® garment is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.

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