Campus Jacket - Natural

Vegetable tanned leather, full grain cow hide, milled and supple, natural finish and color, about 2-3 Oz weight, origin USA
An original pattern inspired by a Mrs. Cossack, and 1930’s sportswear type light leather jackets.
* Trim 1930’s silhouette.
* One piece back.
* Fully unlined, clean seams.
* Cotton corduroy collar and wrist cuff facing.
* Slash pockets with arrow stops.
* Side gussets with adjustable side straps (NOS metal slide buckles).
* Keyhole button holes.
* Corrozo ‘Cat Eyes’ wood buttons (aka ivory nut), backed by NOS French 1920’s glass buttons.
* Underarm venting eyelets.
* Mister Freedom® ‘The Sportsman’ woven label behind the slash pocket, right front panel.
* High stitch-count, sturdy poly-cotton thread stitching.
* Made in California, USA with American cowhides.

The Mister Freedom® Campus Jacket is available in pure new condition. The jacket’s journey will be yours and each nick a memory.

CL's Advice: I am usually a 38 in mfsc jackets and I am a 38 in the CAMPUS, with room for a lightweight shirt underneath. Please refer to sizing chart to determine which size works for you.

Because of its weight on the light side for a leather jacket, I wanted a slim and quite snug fit, reminiscent of the original 1930’s silhouettes. This leather jacket is easily wearable during California summer evenings, with a light shirt or T-shirt. Besides the easy blue jeans/Ts, I like the more elegant white shirt/tie look with it as well.

Do NOT soak the Campus Jacket. 

We recommend you leave you Campus as-is and just wear it. Treat with care when necessary. Use appropriate products for leather garments and please be aware that almost anything applied to light colored leather will alter its color.

Seek the help of a professional leather cleaner should staining occur that you cannot live with.

Note: Because of its original light natural color that will darken over time, it is prone to get soiled, water marked etc… This is part of the tough life of a leather jacket, your second skin.

CL's Advice: We have experienced soaking the CAMPUS in cold water, spin dry, line dry, worn briefly to shape. 

However, results have varied greatly and we DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Some of the hides will shrink and/or stiffen more than others. So there is a chance of ending up with a leather brick two sizes too small… Should you wish to proceed with dipping your jacket in water, you are on your own…

The Campus is a Mister Freedom® interpretation of traditional 1930’s ‘Cossack’-type jackets. 

For our jacket we carefully select each hide of vegetable tanned cowhide resulting in our Campus jackets having their own specific character, feel and natural ‘imperfections’.

Due to the nature of our natural cowhides, the Campus Jacket will change color as you wear it and develop an attractive patina. Expect stains, water marks, natural grease, scratches, patina and creases. All this adds to the character of a leather garment. The jacket’s journey will be yours and each nick a memory.

This MF® garment is designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®.

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