Campus Jacket - Midnight Denim - Coming Soon



-An original pattern inspired by 1930’s sportswear ‘Cossack’ type unlined leather jackets.
-Long awaited-for woven fabric interpretation of our classic veg-tan leather Campus jacket, featuring construction and design edits.
-Arms pattern borrowed from our Ranch Blouse.
-Trim 1930’s silhouette.
-One piece back.
-Fully unlined, clean flat-felled seam construction.
-Slash pockets with leather arrowhead pocket stops.
- Subtle contrast NOS double indigo denim side gussets/pocketing & pocket welt.
-Side gussets featuring concealed double indigo denim selvedge ID.
-Adjustable side straps pattern inspired by our Drover Blouse.
-Keyhole button holes.
-Corrozo ‘Cat Eyes’ wood buttons (aka ivory nut)
-Mister Freedom® original ‘The Sportsman’ rayon woven label.
-Made in California, USA

16 Oz. “Midnight” denim, dark indigo warp & black weft twill, solid white selvedge ID. Milled in Japan.
Black tea-core leather trims (pocket stops/side straps).

 Coming soon.

Hand wash or machine wash on delicate, cold water, minimal eco-friendly detergent. Turn inside-out to avoid marbling of the fabric. Line dry only.

This fabric will develop attractive patina over time, according to the owner’s activities, frequency of wear and laundering choices.

Note: Due to the nature of indigo dye some color transfer is to be expected. This will subside with wear and washing.

Coming Soon.