Dear Friends,
Hope everyone is faring well under the circumstances, staying healthy, sane and positive. I won’t dwell on current events as your news sources are probably handling that daily, just hoping you are finding ways to navigate through these uncharted waters well and safely.
We’ve kept on truckin’! Here are the fruits of our Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane (mfsc) collaboration this Fall 2020. The line-up this season consists of the following groupings, produced in Japan and USA (regrouped in the above photos by “stories” rather than Country of Origin, with some style crossovers.)
As always, besides the classic vintage style references, the common thread in all these original garments is our on-going commitment to ethical manufacturing and resistance to fast fashion.  
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A new capsule, drawing inspiration from the colorful world of the American independent trucker, with Mid-West style influences spanning 1950s to 1970s. Think Smokey & The Bandits, Convoy, Citizens Band Radio (CB), vintage Overdrive magazines, River Rat and the 1973 US trucker strike…


An old mfsc favorite, a nautical grouping inspired by 1930’s US Navy and French Marine Nationale utility uniforms, local-made and custom-tailored dungarees, with the usual liberties we take with military-inspired classics.
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Our on-going catalog of original classics and mfsc re-issues. Made in Japan.
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Our on-going catalog of original classics. Made in USA.
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