We know it can be tricky buying clothes that shrink to the intended size, so please feel free to contact us with any sizing related questions. We are ready with additional measurements, photos and general sizing advice. A general rule of thumb is that majority of our products will shrink to the tagged size.

At Mister Freedom® we have chosen not to have any of our garments industrially washed and shrunk, with a few exceptions, nor do we have our clothes artificially distressed. We believe this prolongs the life of our products, while being a more environmentally friendly solution. At the same time you will end up with a unique and personalized item by just wearing and washing your Mister Freedom® garment.

When we develop our fabrics and garment patterns, we factor in the shrinkage, making it easy for you to choose your usual size when shopping with us. You can always check our sizing advice on the individual product page.


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