Mulholland "Drizzle-King" Cachou Canvas


 Fabric: Sturdy and crispy 100% cotton duck canvas, 13 Oz., selvedge, brown ‘cachou’ color, milled and dyed in Japan.

Lining: Cotton/linen blend woven plaid, indigo and white tartan.

* Freely inspired by vintage classic British motorcycling apparel, 1940’s US Paratrooper jackets and other vintage military coats.
* Four front snap flap ‘rainproof’ pockets and one rear snap flap pocket, for maps/tools/documents. Top right pocket secured by concealed “Conmatic” zipper. Pockets lined with plaid fabric.
* Inside chest pocket.
* Belted, featuring a solid US-made brass police garrison buckle.
* Italian “Fiocchi” brass snaps, original manufacturer of Italian military snaps, along with their cousin counterpart Company DEWEY.
* Heavy-duty 1950’s-type US mil-specs oxidized black metal TALON zipper front closure.
* Wind flap secured by snaps.
* Stand collar with adjustable buckle strap, corduroy-lined.
* Diamond elbow patches, M-421A BU. Aero US Navy jacket-style.
* Adjustable gusset wrist snap closures.
* Tonal stitching, cotton-wrapped poly thread.
* Made in Japan.

The DRIZZLE-KING come raw/unwashed and is cut so that the measurements match the labeling after an initial cold soak/line dry.
We recommend our usual method for raw cotton garments:
* 30-40mn cold soak with intermittent hand agitation, in minimally-filled washing machine or bath tub.
* Spin dry cycle (if using a machine).
* Hang dry.

CL's Advice: I wear a comfortable 38 in this coat and all other Mulholland models, with room for a thick shirt or wool sweater underneath.

Please DO NOT attempt to wash this jacket in a home washing machine! You risk ruining both machine and jacket, as the DRIZZLE-KING weights a ton when wet.
Activities and frequency of wear will obviously dictate when cleaning is needed. Please use common sense with spot cleaning, or take the jacket to a professional eco-friendly cleaner. Remove the belt before cleaning.

The DRIZZLE-KING can also be hand-washed in a tub filled with cold water. Use eco-friendly detergent. Hang to dry.

NOTE: Treat your zipper as you would a vintage one, rub wax to lubricate at times, and use common sense rather that brute force to zip and unzip, making sure tabs line-up when zipping.

WAXING: We are only issuing the DRIZZLE-KING in its raw, untreated form. The canvas is not water-repellent, and some owners might opt to wax the jacket as a DIY project. For the bold we wants to proceed, considering the potentially amazing-looking results and rewarding patina, we recommend pure natural beeswax (about 2 Lbs.), a heat gun (hair dryer won’t cut it), a bucket of elbow grease, and a lot of patience.

The Mister Freedom® Mulholland Master‘s pattern borrows heavily from vintage UK apparel, but also from vintage US military gear such as 1940’s paratrooper outfits and BU. Aero US Navy flight jackets. It combines old school European moto style with US mil-specs fabric and hardware, keeping the 1960’s vibe while giving it a contemporary fit.

To shave off some of the bulkiness and weight of the early Mulholland models, we decided to substitute the heavy jungle cloth with the 13 Oz. ‘cachou’ cotton duck canvas, and to replace the traditional corduroy lining with the eye-pleasing cotton woven plaid. The result is still a hefty coat of about 4 Lbs (!) but a bit more versatile and So Cal-friendly, without falling into the contemporary fashiony versions. 

The Mulholland “DRIZZLE-KING” is designed in California by MISTER FREEDOM® and produced in Japan by SUGAR CANE Co.