The Desperado Brush Coat - Black Sulfur-dyed Denim


The "DESPERADO" Brush Coat is an original Mister Freedom® pattern inspired by traditional western-wear “Brush Jacket”, barn coats, and military utility jackets.

For the fabric, we opted for the same fancy twill featured on our CALIFORNIAN Lot.64 “Outlaw” and its matching RANCH BLOUSEpremium mid-weight 13 Oz. selvedge denim combining a black sulfur-dyed warp yarn (fabric face) with a black sulfur-dyed weft (fabric reverse), produced on traditional shuttle looms by vintage textile experts in Japan.

PATTERN: An original Mister Freedom® twist on the traditional western-wear “Brush Jacket”, barn coats, and military utility jackets.

Original 13 Oz. SC Black sulfur-dyed denim, selvedge, milled in Japan.

* Three front patch pocket, one inside chest pocket.
* Tonal corduroy trimming for collar/pocket openings/cuffs.
* Curved arcuate trims and bottom pocket pattern.
* Metal button front closure, original Mister Freedom® mfsc cast silver tack buttons.
* Unmarked copper rivets pocket reinforcement.
* Split back featuring the fabric selvedge.
* Selvedge button front panel folded facing.
* All flat-felled seams chainstitch construction.
* 100% cotton tonal stitching.
* Original mfsc printed “Buckaroo” cloth label.
* Made in USA

The MF® DESPERADO Brush Jacket sulfur-dyed black denim twill comes unwashed and is cut so that the measurements match the labeling AFTER an initial cold soak/line dry. 

CL's Advice: The DESPERADO is considered true-to-size. I opted for a 38 (Medium) for a comfortable fit (5.7’’ / approx. 150 lbs). The 36 (Small) felt too tight for the silhouette I was going for, although I had opted for a 36 in the navy HBT Frogman jacket.
As with all denim twills, minor back and forth shrinkage/stretching will occur for a while and will depend on the wearer’s body, activities, and initial fit.

Treat this black sulfur-dyed denim twill as you would premium indigo-dyed denim.
Wash sporadically, only when needed. Machine wash inside out to avoid marbling. Cold water, gentle cycle, eco-friendly mild detergent and line dry. Wash separately from light-colored garments.
Patina will develop according to activities and frequency of wear.

Hot on the trail of the Californian “Outlaw” and Ranch Blouse, in matching black sulfur-dyed selvedge denim, comes the Mister Freedom® DESPERADO Brush Coat.

The pattern of this addition to our made-in-USA Sportsman catalog was inspired by a blend of vague childhood memories of western-wear from screen characters, visuals from old Marlboro ads, and vintage duck canvas chore coats I’ve come across through my rag-picking years.

After some detective work Texas Rangers-style, I realized that “South Texas Brush Jacket