Bronco Champ

*  Genuine Front Quarter Horse Hide leather. USAF type A-2 Flight jacket grade, developed by Buzz Rickson experts. Exclusive MF S/c tanning, finishing and colors. Black and Camel contrast skins, guaranteed to age and beautify with wear. Tough but soft.
*  Dead Stock (NOS) herringbone twill 100% cotton plaid fabric full lining. All pockets lined.
* An all-original MF S/C pattern.
* Cafe Racer body style, close to body fit.
* D-Pocket.
* One piece back.
* Longer sleeves for riding comfort.
* Double snap throat latch.
* “Hookless” nickel zipper type front closure. “Conmatic” chain type nickel slash chest pockets and D-Pocket zippers. “Conmar” forearm cinching zippers. All 100% cotton twill taping.

The Mister Freedom® Bronco Champ is available ready-to-ride and fits true to size. Please refer to sizing chart to determine which size works for you.

No specific initial conditioning or pre-treatment is required. Just wear and enjoy witnessing the natural ageing and patina evolution.
According to frequency of wear and exposure to the elements, some light conditioning might be applied after months of continuous wear, using products similar to Pecard Antique Leather Care.

The Bronco Champ, a second skin for your riding enjoyment. Inspired by vintage motorcyclists jackets of the 1940s-1960s, when genuine horsehide leather was the best thing available to protect you from spills. This type of riding jacket was also referred as a “leather shirt”!

Our jacket is made from horse hide leather and features a "cafe racer" body for a snug fit and longer sleeves for riding comfort.

The Bronco Champ is available in two options. The first version features a 7 star tricked out sleeve and for a more subtle look, a solid sleeve.

This MF® garment is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.

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