Frogsville Lookbook Page 1
Frogsville Lookbook Page 2Frogsville Lookbook Page 3Frogsville Rig 1Mister Freedom Mariner Sweater IndigoMF® Mariner Sweater Black Frogsville Rig 2MF® Crackerjack CPO Shirts MF® Crackerjack CPO Shirt NavyMF® Crackerjack CPO Shirt CollarMF® Crackerjack CPO Shirt Ivory WhiteMF® Crackerjack Close-Up Anchor ButtonMF® Chino Utility TrousersMF® Chino Utility TrousersMF® L/S Skivvy 1MF® L/S SkivvyMF® L/S SkivvyMF® P.T. Henley 2-PackMF® P.T. Henley R&R EditionMF® P.T. Henley R&R EditionMF® PT Henley, R&R and M.A.S.H. EditionMF® PT Henley, M.A.S.H. Edition

Dear Friends,

Here is a preview of our Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane (mfsc) FW2022 collaboration.

We are continuing our FROGSVILLE” theme, an original collection freely inspired by vintage UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) gear, Frogmen and US Navy SEALs, where we revisit US military rigger-made garments and exotic local-made garb. The mission is to translate 1940s-1970s references and vintage influences into modern day wearables. Our frogman is going on R&R (Rest and Recuperation) in-country this season!

This FW2022 chapter of “FROGSVILLE” consists of:

1) CHINO UTILITY TROUSERS, BR Chino twill (Japan)
* An original mfsc pattern introduced in 2015, revisited.
* Cut from Buzz Rickson’s vintage mil-specs 8.2 Oz. chino twill.

2) CRACKERJACK CPO Shirt (Japan)
* Inspired US Navy enlisted Dress Blue Jumpers recut and recycled by local tailors into civilian “souvenir” garments.
* 9.2 Oz. Melton wool.
* Navy blue / ivory white

3) MARINER SWEATER, roll-neck cable knit (Japan)
* Fisherman cable knit pattern.
* 100% cotton.
* Indigo blue / black

4a) PT Henley, original M.A.S.H. edition (USA):
* MF® original “Skivvy” knit tubular body, white.
* Contrast OD (Olive Drab) stitching, OD poplin button placket, green ox bone buttons.

4b) PT Henley, R&R edition (USA):
* MF® original “Skivvy” knit tubular body, white.
* Tonal stitching, blue chambray button placket, natural ox bone buttons.
Note: A two-pack PT Henley combo is available and comes in a special printed cardboard box packaging.

5) SHIP Cap, solid (USA)
* 6-panel pattern, snap-back, baseball cap profile, inspired by US Navy PX command ball caps.
* NOS Cotton/Linen blend selvedge denim, dark indigo blue.

6) L/S SKIVVY T-Shirt (USA)
* MF® original “Skivvy” knit Tubular body, white, long sleeve edition.
* Vintage style needle-out ribbed neckband & extended cuffs, ecru.

There it is.

Our original “FROGSVILLE” FW2022 collection is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and exclusively manufactured in Japan and USA in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co, in limited quantities.
Please note that the lookbook/preview features show samples, not necessarily reflecting quality/details/labeling of the upcoming production.

Thank you very much for your renewed support.

Love from Sunny California,

The Mister Freedom® team