MF® FW22 HOOPER Lookbook 1MF® FW22 HOOPER Lookbook 2MF® FW22 HOOPER Lookbook 3MF® FW22 HOOPER Lookbook 4MF® FW22 HOOPER Lookbook 5MF® FW22 Hooper RigMF® "ROADEO" Puffer JacketMF® Roadeo" Puffer Jacket, All three colorsMF® FW22 Hooper Lookbook 6MF® Dude Rancher Shirt, CorduoryMF® Dude Rancher Shirt, Corduroy 4 colorsMF® Dude Rancher Shirt, Red CorduroyMF® Dude Rancher Shirt Ivory CorduroyMF® Dude Rancher Shirt, Indigo CorduroyMF® Dude Rancher Shirt, Black CorduroyMF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 7MF® "Sonny" Puffer Vest, 2 colorwaysMF® "Sonny" Puffer Vest, ReversibleMF® "Sonny" Puffer VestMF® "Sonny" Puffer VestMF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 8CL Hooper, Bronco Champ, Fit PicMF® Bronco Champ Type II, Throat LatchMF® Bronco Champ Type IIMF® Bronco Champ Type II, Suntanned Veg-Tan LeatherMF® Bronco Champ Type II, Black Veg-Tan LeatherMF® Bronco Champ Type II, Black Veg-Tan Leather 2MF® Bronco Champ Type II, Close-Up of PocketMF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 9MF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 10MF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 11MF® Cashmere V-neck "Terrence" Sweater 1MF® Cashmere V-neck "Terrence" SweaterMF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 12MF® Continental Suit "Bossa" DenimMF® Continental Suit "Bossa" denim 2MF® Continental Trousers "Bossa" DenimMF® Continental Suit "Bossa" denimMF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 13MF® Californian Lot.674 "Groovy", NOS Cone denimMF® Californian Lot.674 "Groovy", NOS Cone denimMF® Californian Lot.674 "Groovy", NOS Cone denimMF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 14MF® Ranch Blouse "Frontier" Duck CanvasMF® Ranch Blouse "Frontier" Duck CanvasMF® Ranch Blouse "Frontier" Duck CanvasMF® Ranch Blouse "Frontier" Duck CanvasMF® Californian Lot.64 "OUTLAW", Midnight denimMF® Californian Lot.64 "OUTLAW", Midnight denim w/ white selvedgeMF® Californian Lot.64 "OUTLAW", Midnight denimMF® Ranch Blouse "BISON" Veg-TanMF® Ranch Blouse "BISON" MF® Ranch Blouse "BISON", Cinch BackMF® Workman Shirt, NOS "Americana" stripeMF® Workman Shirt, NOS "Americana" stripe, front and backMF® FW22 "Hooper" Lookbook 15MF® Californian Lot.674 & Cowboy Jacket, corduroy editionMF® Cowboy Jacket, corduroy editionMF® Cowboy Jacket, corduroy edition, Brown and IndigoMF® Cowboy Jacket, Indigo corduroy editionMF® Cowboy Jacket, Brown corduroy editionMF® Californian Lot.674, corduroy editionMF® Californian Lot.674, corduroy edition, veg-tan patchesMF® Californian Lot.674, Brown and Indigo corduroy editions

HOOPER” is an exciting new stylistic escapade for us, with visuals borrowed from the vintage world of motion picture stuntmen/stuntwomen, before CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) replaced adrenalin highs and broken bones.

To briefly set our FW2022 stage, the two main characters in Quentin Tarantino 2019 “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (Rick Dalton played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cliff Booth played by Brad Pitt) were partially based on two Hollywood legends: actor Burt Reynolds (who actually started his career as a movie stuntman) and former paratrooper and professional stuntman Hal Needham.

In the 1970s, Burt Reynolds was one of America’s most popular comedy actors, and Hal Needham one of the highest paid Hollywood stuntmen. They were actually close friends in real life, and bachelor pad roommates for some 11 years.
After 46 broken bones, Needham, who often played stuntdouble for Reynolds, eventually got tired of jumping off buildings and crashing cars for a living. He decided to create his own  business (Stunts Unlimited), and dreamed of actually becoming a movie director. In 1977, he wrote the B-movie “Smokey and the Bandit”, and, to convince producers, enrolled his buddy Reynolds to star in it… Screen magic happened, and against all odds, the low budget “redneck buddy” movie became a hugely-popular hit in the USA. The flick remains today an iconic piece of period Southern culture Americana captured on film.
Following this success, Needham directed the movie “Hooper, The Greatest Stuntman Alive” (1978), a tribute to his profession: the stunt doubles, actual unsung heroes of the silver screen. Again, Burt Reynolds was the leading star, playing the fictitious stuntman Sonny Hooper.
Watch “The Bandit” documentary (2016) if you get a chance.

Our FW2022 mfsc “HOOPER” capsule collection blends vintage Hollywood professional stuntmen styles (yes, with an ounce of 70s macho men open collar shirts, aviators, sideburns and gold chains!), classic western wear, 1970s-80s automotive fashion (old school NASCAR garments, Wynn’s gear, 1980s “Auto Style” jackets etc), and classic vintage car/motorcycle racing promotional garments for gearheads.

To simplify things, the usual seasonal additions to our classic made-in-USA SPORTSMAN catalog have been incorporated into the HOOPER storyline, adding an earlier 1960s-70s McQueen in Palm Spring Desert vibe.
About a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, the actor’s Palm Springs home in the California desert was his get-away and escape from the busy Hollywood life. Hot days, cool nights, relaxing around the pool or desert racing, camping trips to the Sierra Madre Mountains… some of that lifestyle was famously documented at the time by photographers William Claxton or John Dominis (LIFE, 1963).
If McQueen often insisted on performing his own stunts, frowned by the studios considering risks and insurance liability, pros like Bud Ekins (the famous jump in “The Great Escape”, 1963) or Loren Janes (the moving train stunt in “The Hunter”, 1980) were never too far.

This adds a blend of cool 60s sportswear and vintage casual suiting to our action-packed HOOPER mix.

The FW2022 “HOOPER” line-up (made in USA & Japan) consists of:

1) SONNY Puffer Vest (JP):
* Reversible, quilted, 70s style synthetic fiber filling.
* Indigo corduroy x Blue denim / Indigo corduroy x brown denim.

2) ROADEO Puffer Jacket  (JP):
* Quilted, 70s style synthetic fiber filling.
* Orange x Gold nylon / Black x Brown nylon / 7 Oz. denim x chambray.

3) Five-panel FEED CAP (USA):
* 1970s style trucker hat, snap-back.
* NOS denim/white mesh.
* Solid / Patched Up

4) DUDE RANCHER Shirt, Corduroy edition (JP):
* Our popular original western snap shirt pattern.
* Black / Ivory / Ruby Red / Indigo Blue. 

5) CALIFORNIAN LOT.64 “OUTLAW”, Midnight denim (USA)
* The popular fit of our classic Lot.64 Californian five-pocket jeans, with western-style “frogmouth” pockets.
* 16 Oz. Midnight denim, dark indigo warp x black weft.

6) RANCH BLOUSE, “Frontier” Duck Canvas (USA)
* The classic MF® Ranch Blouse pattern in a USA-milled sturdy and dry brown duck canvas.

7) Leather RANCH BLOUSE, “Bison” (USA)
* A leather version of our classic MF® Ranch Blouse pattern.
* Veg-tan cowhide, tea-core with a cognac color top coat.

8) WORKMAN Shirt, “Americana” stripes (USA)
* NOS 100% cotton woven stripe fabric, white with blue & red stripes.

* 1960s style cafe racer rider jacket, a revisited pattern from our 2009 MF® Bronco Champ original, USA-made this time.
* Cotton printed flannel lining.
* Natural veg-tan cowhide / Black tea-core veg-tan cowhide.

10) CALIFORNIAN LOT.674 “Groovy”, NOS Cone denim (USA)
* Our slimmest five-pocket jeans, slightly tapered leg, 1960s vibe silhouette, button fly.
* NOS 14 Oz. Cone blue denim.
* Groovy NOS cotton printed canvas pocketing!

11) Cashmere V-Neck TERRENCE” Sweater (Japan)
* A classic menswear staple garment, revisited with 50s—60s style extended cuffs/waistband.
* Fancy cable knit pattern.
* 100% Mongolian Cashmere.
* NOT made in China, and in very limited quantities.

* Black / Yale Blue / Ice Blu

12) CONTINENTAL Sportcoat & Trousers (USA)
* NOS 100% cotton “Bossa” 3×1 cross hatch denim, 11 Oz.
* Lining/Pocketing: NOS 100% cotton woven stripe fabric, white with blue & red stripes.

13) CALIFORNIAN LOT.674 and COWBOY Jacket, Corduroy Edition (USA)
* Our slimmest five-pocket jeans (slightly tapered leg) & classic trucker denim jacket pattern, for a 1960s-70s vibe silhouette.
* Vintage 60s sportswear-style 14 wale corduroy, T/C (20/80) blend.
* Brown: Californian Lot.674 and COWBOY Jacket.
* Indigo Blue: Californian Lot.674 and COWBOY Jacket.

Both our original FROGSVILLE and “HOOPER” FW2022 collections are designed in California by Mister Freedom® and exclusively manufactured in Japan and USA in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co, in limited quantities.
Please note that the lookbook/preview features show samples, not necessarily reflecting quality/details/labeling of the upcoming production.

As always, besides the classic vintage style references, the common thread in all these original garments is the Mister Freedom® on-going commitment to ethical manufacturing, original designs, and resistance to fast fashion, with styles that will easily incorporate into any existing classic wardrobe.

Thank you very much for your renewed support.

Love from Sunny California,

The Mister Freedom® team